The Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie Experience Without The Cable


The holiday season is my FAVORITE time of year! I’m just in an overall amazing mood. There’s decorations everywhere, Christmas music is always playing and the best Starbucks holidays drinks are out. Yum! I also love cozy winter gear. What I love most, though, are the HALLMARK CHANNEL CHRISTMAS MOVIES!

I may be outing myself as a huge loser BUT I can’t even count the amount of hours I spend watching these romantic Christmas movies starring the best C-list celebs! I know not everyone has cable so I have put together a list of Netflix movies that are similar to the ones you can catch on Hallmark:

12 Dates of Christmas 

Amy Smart and Mark-Paul Gosselaar

This is another Groundhog’s Day/Christmas Everyday type movie and while this theme is a bit overdone, I still LOVED it! Also, Zach Morris is in it! That makes this an instant classic!

Merry Kissmas 

Karissa Lee Staples and Brant Daugherty

Do you miss the extremely attractive Noel Khan from Pretty Little Liars? You can reunite with him for about 90 mins without all of the evil plots and decapitation. (Gross, I know but that’s how he exited PLL.) I promise he survives in this one!

A Christmas Kiss 

 Elisabeth Röhm and Brendan Fehr

A stranger kisses you under a mistletoe located in an elevator you just walked in. Hmm, sounds creepy but they somehow made it look enticing.

Christmas Belle 

Haylie Duff and Nicholas Gonzalez

Listen, Haylie’s acting is not the best but who doesn’t love a corny movie starring one of the gorgeous Duff sisters?

A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale 

Jonathan Bennett and Lexi Giovagnoli

Grool…Drool, whatevs! It’s not October 3rd but, you can catch Jonathan Bennett in with some furry friends and romance. The best combo!

A Christmas Prince

Rose McIver and Ben Lamb

Royalty is all the rage right now with the newly engaged Meghan Markle and Prince Harry plastering the covers of every mag. Continue that theme with this adorable flick!

A Christmas Kiss II

Elisabeth Harnois and Adam Mayfield

If you loved A Christmas Kiss, watch the (completely unrelated) sequel! That mistletoe in the elevator is making more love connections than eHarmony. Jonathan Bennett also plays the super cool best friend in this one. Looks like he’s found himself a life after Mean Girls!

My Santa

 Samaire Armstrong and Matthew Lawrence

An O.C. alum AND a Lawrence brother? Psh, my inner teenage girl is melting! I’m sold on this one already!

These are super cheesy and way too predictable but that’s just the way I like them! Now, get started ASAP! January will be here before you know it!


25 Reason Why I Love The Holiday Season


Yas! It’s December and we are simply haaaaving a wonderful Christmas time! Well, I am at least. Here’s 25 reasons why I am enjoying the holidays this yearpsl-lights

  1. It’s an amazing distraction from the worst Presidential elections in my lifetime.
  2. Every store is decorated
  3. Retail sales! $8.50 3-wick candles, don’t mind if I do!
  4. Local radio stations that play only Christmas music all day long
  5. Christmas shopping for my son (I stood in the GameStop Black Friday line from 3am-5am and I’ve never been more proud of myself)
  6. Visiting my mom’s house and seeing literally every room decorated for Christmas (even the bathroom)
  7. Having a Christmas tree in the living room for a month
  8. Thinking of creative gifts that my family will love
  9. You can wear sequins and glitter without getting questioned
  10. Everyone seems friendlier
  11. Snow is bearable because the holidays just don’t make sense without snow
  12. Holiday rom coms on the Hallmark Channel
  13. The Santa display in the middle of the mall
  14. Christmas music playing in every store and restaurant
  15. Starbuck’s Holiday drinks (including pumpkin spice latte
  16. Holiday themed episodes of my favorite shows
  17. Great Lakes Christmas Ale (A Cleveland brewery)
  18. Holiday parties
  19. Food!
  20. Hanging out with family
  21. Vacation time from work
  22. The “Santa Clause is watching” lie works on your kids when they’re misbehaving
  23. You have an excuse to watch Elf, although, you’ve actually been watching it all year
  24. My son’s Christmas concert. I love watching him and his class sing 🙂
  25. Christmas lights, duh!


Happy Holidays, Loves!

-D.O. ❤