A Peek Into My Workout Playlist

Music can get us through the toughest times; heartbreak, stress and even a dreadful, hour long workout (which, to me, is equivalent to heartbreak and stress). I never thought I’d be able do a combination of strength and cardio workouts for that long without wanting to give up, mostly due to boredom. I have been able to push through it with no problem for the past two months, thanks to my Spotify playlist.  Here are some of the jams that keep me going!

The Warm Up:

Yes, I am throwing it back to Aly & AJ! This song is perfect for intervals on the elliptical or treadmill as there are slower parts and faster parts. I let my speed reflect the speed of song.

I love “Issues” by Julia Michaels. It’s slower but up tempo enough to get warmed up for a great workout.

Who doesn’t love Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”? It’s sexy and fun. I actually got the idea to add this to my workout list because my Zumba class did a routine to it and it got me really excited to move!

Get Pumped Up:

This song literally says “Around The World” repeatedly to a techno beat but don’t underestimate it. Daft Punk knows how to get you pumped up for a workout.

If you’ve either never heard “She Wants To Move” by N.E.R.D. or have forgotten it exists, throw it back with me! This song is so fun! When I hear it…I just want to move! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I feel like Imagine Dragons designed “Radioactive” to grace everyone’s workout playlist with it’s presence. I really wish Spotify had their collaboration with Kendrick Lamar from the 2014 Grammy’s. That would be AWESOME!

Most people wouldn’t associate Coldplay with getting pumped up at the gym. Add in the Chainsmokers, though, and we have ourselves a great gym track, ladies and gentlemen!

Le Cinema:

Soundtrack songs are always fun! They bring me back to specific scenes in my favorite movies, which always puts me in a good mood.

Who remembers Ryan Phillippe basically walking to his death toward the end of Cruel Intentions? This is obviously a sad scene but The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” is a genius song that will always be one of my favs!

While watching Fifty Shades Darker, I couldn’t help but notice how awesome the soundtrack is. I love almost all of the tracks but “Pray” is my favorite one to work on my fitness to.

“Letters From The Sky” by Civil Twilight plays at the end of I Am Number Four. It went so well with the ending and got me so excited for a sequel that is now never going to happen. So disappointing but at least I have this awesome song to hold onto.

It’s Britney Bitch:

Britney has too many good gym tracks but I went with these two gems. What better jam to squat to than “Up N’ Down”? And “Freakshow” hits so hard. Working out with Britney is always a good time.

The Cool Down:

I like to cool down to longer, slower songs. The longer the song the better because it keeps me going right when I’m ready to give up. The Weeknd’s “The Party & The After Party” is over seven minutes long. It’s a great way to get almost 10 more minutes in when I’ve almost convinced myself to stop! The song is SO good.

The late, great George Michael has so many awesome hits but I like to end with “Father Figure” sometimes because it’s chill, relaxing and is over five minutes long which is the perfect cool down time.

Dear Spotify, Add These Two Tracks!

Two of my favorite workout/party songs are not on Spotify which is so devastating so, I purchased them on iTunes and am forced to switch apps, ugh! Inconvenient but so worth it! “Fergalicious” by Fergie for obvious reasons and “Vivrant Thing” by Q-Tip.

You can take some of my suggestions or build you own list, of course. I highly recommend strategically putting together a list as opposed to throwing on just any old list because great music is an awesome motivator to get moving and it makes us look forward to working out even if it’s not our cup of tea!

Happy list building and I hope you have an amazing workout!

❤ D.O.