25 Reasons Why I Love Being Married

It’s #MCM and I, of course, only have eyes for one man… my husband, duh! This past Saturday marked exactly six months that my husband and I have been married! Crazy! They say the first year of marriage is really hard but these six months have been a breeze! They haven’t been perfect but nothing ever is!

All-in-all, I love being married! Here’s why.

  1. I live with my best friend. Forever!
  2. I found my “person”.
  3. I’m his biggest fan and vice versa.
  4. The intimacy has yet to die and I don’t think it ever will.
  5. He cooks better than me.
  6. Our life plans include each other. Always.
  7. He completes my little family 🙂
  8. I always have someone to do the heavy lifting. 💪🏽
  9. His money is my money and my money is my money. Jk. 😜
  10. He’s my photographer and it’s FREE! Perks!
  11. He’s creative so he contributes a lot of ideas to my blog.
  12. We communicate so much better now.
  13. We bring each other surprises. (Mostly pop vinyl figures and food lol)
  14. He teaches me something new almost everyday.
  15. The trust is there now more than ever.
  16. I get to call this handsome man “my husband”.
  17. Hearing him call me his wife brings a genuine smile to my face.
  18. We both enjoy the same things so choosing a date night activity is easy peasy.
  19. He’s great with our dogs. (They listen to him more than me.)
  20. I can be myself around him.
  21. I always have someone to listen to me vent, gossip, think out loud, etc.
  22. Even if we disagree, we’re still always on the same team.
  23. We laugh so much together.
  24. I adore my new last name 🙂
  25. My overall mood and life has improved so much after we said “I do”. I’m a happier person because of it and I couldn’t be more pleased with the man I chose to call my husband and Mekhi’s stepfather!

I could probably go on and on but I don’t want to bore you all! ✌🏼

Happy Six Months, Bro! 

In DC last week
Family Photo
4th of July
He’s So Handsome!
We Eloped!

-D.O. ❤