21 Reasons Why I’m A Basic B and IDGAF :)

You can make fun of me if you want to but I’ll just be over here sipping my Pumpkin Spice Latte and living my life! 

Here’s why I’m basic AF! 

  1. Obvi, I love PSL or anything pumpkin for that matter. 
  2. I can eat avocados with anything. 
  3. I rock Hunter boots when it’s raining…or when it’s not. Whatevs. 
  4. Snap filters are my jam. 
  5. Brows are life. 
  6. Brunch? Yes please!
  7. Mimosas? Duh! 
  8. Did my Ipsy bag come yet ooorrrr?
  9. Scarves! All the scarves! 
  10. Because wine.
  11. I can quote Mean Girls all day! 
  12. I totes abrev like half of my sentences. 
  13. Lauren Conrad is my hero. Goals AF!
  14. Nail Day!!!! 
  15. Selfies on selfies!
  16. Fall is my favorite season. 
  17. I own a poodle mix. 
  18. I have to make it to coachella one year before I literally die! 
  19. Meet me at happy hour?
  20. Target is my happy place.
  21. Yaaaassss!

Embrace your basic, ladies! I certainly have! 
-D.O. ❤