Who Says You’re Too Old To Wear Overalls?


You may be thinking that overalls are a bit childish and too Osh-Kosh for you but I personally LOVE them! And I’m not the only one. Overalls can be seen recently rocked by Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Olivia Palermo. One of my favorite bloggers, Christina, from New Darlings, is no stranger to the look either.

The fact that these style icons boarded the overall train is not the reason why I adore them so much.

Five reasons why I’m a fan:

  1. They are adorable
  2. They hide your bloat when you’re in the mood to wear a crop top.
  3. They’re comfy
  4. They’re versatile! (They can be casual or dressed up with jewelry and a pair of heels.)
  5. I get a lot of compliments on them.

I wore an overall skirt to a local festival on Sunday and a random woman raved about my outfit. A few days later, while visiting DC, I wore my skinny overall pants and the front desk girls at my hotel stopped me to tell me how awesome they were. They both mentioned that they would not have thought to buy them if they’d seen them on the rack but loved them on me. Both girls are now in the market for a pair of their own.

Give overalls a chance, ladies! Just do it! They will not disappoint!



me and khi zoo
Exploring the National Zoo With My Son Mekhi
Photo Courtesy of My Husband’s Snapchat lol

 -D.O. ❤