“Happiness Can Be Found, Even in the Darkest of Times, If One Only Remembers to Turn on the Light.”

This quote from Albus Dumbledore has stuck with me over the years. I use it as a reminder to remain optimistic even in the darkest of times. I’ve always been an optimistic person, however, there are days when I can lose that for just a moment.

The universe has been pretty good to me lately so I can’t really complain but life is never a smooth road. In the words of the shrunken head on the Knight Bus, “It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!” I’ve driven on some pretty rocky roads so I know this to be true.

I like to be prepared for my next dark time. Like the great Hagrid once said, “There’s a storm coming, Harry. And we all best be ready when she does.” With that in mind, I try  not to forget ways to get through my next storm. Whether it’s just a drizzle or a full on monsoon, I have a plan. I’ll remember to turn on the light.



Can you tell I’m a Harry Potter nerd?  😉

-D.O. ❤