5 Ways To Take A Mini Vacation From Your Phone


I saw this quote on Instagram and had yet another wake up call! (Two epiphanies in one week? I’m on a roll!) I need to find more activities that pull me away from my phone and into adventures.

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I’m definitely guilty of being a social media addict so I am no expert, but I thought I’d share some ideas I had on ways that we can take a vaca from our devices:

❤ Something outdoorsy like hiking or camping.

(Because nature is cool! 🍁)

❤ Water activities that require us to put our phones aside like swimming, jet skiing and kayaking. I don’t partake in these activities but they sound fun!

❤ Host a game night at home with friends and make everyone put their phones in a bowl for the duration of each game. After all, we can’t win with our faces in our phones!

❤ Play a game of Phone Stack the next time we head out to dinner with friends. Who ever touches their phone first, pays the bill! Who doesn’t want free dinner? 😉

❤ Get a group of friends together for a few rounds of sand volleyball, corn hole or putt putt. Any outdoor sport or activity that requires both hands would work 🙂

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Processed with VSCO

There doesn’t have to be a strict no phone rule. Occasional breaks to snap, take pictures and do a status update is fine but I think we’ll enjoy life much more with our phones away and our focus on the experience!

Have any other ideas to add to mine? Leave them in the comments below!

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Processed with VSCO. RBF by Me lol

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