Get Familiar: Avalon Exchange

Why do I rave about this store? Because they have awesome and cheap shit!! Kid you not! 

I love a good deal! My mother has passed down her talent and patience to track down sales. Shopping the clearance section at your favorite store is one obvious way to save a few dollars, however, thrifting is a cheaper alternative. 

In Cleveland, Plato’s Closet was the place to find used, name brand gear. After many unsuccessful trips, I decided not to waste my time anymore. My thrifting days came to a hault. 

Luckily, my friends Megan and Lizzie dragged me to a dollar sale at both the Lakewood and Coventry Avalon Exhange locations a little over a year ago. I’ve been hooked ever since. I didn’t even know they existed before that glorious day. Silly me! If you’re in the Cleveland area, check it out ASAP. (They also have locations in Pittsburgh, PA, St. Louis, MO and Winter Park, FL.)

I made a random stop at the Lakewood location last week and found a few awesome pieces that I wanted to share. 

(Disclaimer: My photographer husband has been super busy lately so, you guys get selfies this time around. 🙂 A stack of DVDs and self-timer are no match for his skills though!)

Forever 21 Baseball CropI plan on getting a lot of use out of this tee. It was only $5.50 so the ROI on this bad baby is amazing. I love it with my hubby’s flannel tied around my waist. It would also look cute with a pair of high waisted leggings or cut off shorts. 

American Eagle Denim BraletteExcuse my resting bitch face, but this $5 top is adorbs! It’s super comfy and would pair well with any cotton bottom; a maxi skirt, leggings or shorts. 

AviatorsAll sunglasses at the front of the store are $10.50 right now. It’s very easy to want to try on a ton of them because they all rock! My bestie tried to buy these off of me for $20. I shut her down and drove her to Avalon to get her own pair. She ended up with two pairs for the same $20 she offered me. You’re welcome, Amanda! 😛 #WeRockAV8As 

Herschel Fanny PackThe unique thing about Avalon is that they post the really cool items they get in on their Insta and you can call, buy the item with a credit card and pick it up later. I literally had just gotten home from there and they posted this work of art on their IG. My husband and I decided it had to be ours! I called and for just $14.50, I was a proud owner of a fanny pack! I’m loving that it’s unisex, my husband has used it numerous times this week. The jockey and dog print is also a plus. 

Gap Cropped Vintage Denim JacketDays after my shopping trip, I was on my lunch break scrolling through the gram and this caught my eye. I immediately wanted to call and buy but I was being cheap that day and decided to skip it. About five minutes later, my friend commented on the photo, mentioned me and said “you need this.” I took that as a sign and called them right away! Totally worth the $14.50! I can wear this over anything and I’m loving how apparent it is that it’s not from this decade. #tbt! 

Keep in mind that you might not find something you love every time you go. They are constantly buying single, unique items to fill the store. You’ll have good days and you’ll have bad days but don’t give up! Thrifting takes patience and perseverance! 

My advice; take numerous trips and stalk their Instagram. Also, they will buy your clothes! if you’ve got some gently used, trendy pieces you no longer wear, you have a chance to make money and make room in your closet for all the newish things you’ll find there! 

Happy thrifting! 

-D.O. ❤