PSA: Don’t Rush to Grow Up

Because adulting is hard.

I remember impatiently seeking independence when I was a teenager. I wanted to do whatever I wanted, have a career and be a grown up. Back then, parents just didn’t understand and I was tired of being told what to do. At this point though, I’m realizing that I had it so easy. My parents only wanted what was best for me and I had zero responsibilities. My best advice is to stay a kid as long as possible.

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Now, once you’re about 25, I think it might be time to get it together but before then I’ll give you a pass to get your Peter Pan on!

Do these five things and I promise you’ll be virtually stress free.

1.Live at home for a while

Unless you’re in college and live on campus, the parentals are the best roomies you can have. Living with them may not be completely free but it’s dirt cheap compared to living on your own. The downside, of course, is the lack of privacy, but after dishing out your hard earned dollars to rent, utilities, groceries furniture and decor, you’ll be wishing your mom was still walking into your room without knocking.

Don’t forget to save money while you’re there. Shop smart and load up your savings account. The money you stack up could go to tuition, a spring break trip or even pay for things you’ll need when you are ready to move out.

2.Remember that it’s okay to be single

A wise cop in Cottondale, Florida once said, “the boys and the beach are still going to be there whether you go 99 or 25.” He was definitely referring to the fact that we were speeding down the road to get to spring break in Panama City, however, I think it’s a relevant statement. There will always be boys. Don’t speed up the process. Do you. Experience things, focus on school and start building the foundation for a promising future.

My brother used to tell me, “you haven’t even met everyone you’re going to meet in your life.” If you’re single right now, it’s likely that you may not have met the right person yet. There’s about 8 billion people in this world so, that fuckboy that screwed you over is literally the least of your problems.

Don’t rush into something just because you feel lonely or because all your friends are dating. Just chill. I’ve seen a lot of relationships around me come to an end due to infidelity or because one of the two parties felt as though they didn’t experience enough in life to make a commitment. Stay single, date around, go on vacations and don’t let a relationship hold you back from doing anything. Get serious with someone when you see real potential for a great future with them. Don’t waste your time or anyone else’s.

3.Don’t stop doing things you love

I know once you hit college age, parties, date nights and clubbing will be your activities of choice, but don’t neglect your old hobbies. Go rollerblading, ride bikes, play Mario Kart or go cosmic bowling. I’m 30 years old and I wish I was laser tagging right this very moment. You’re not “too cool” to do any of these things. If anything, you’ll start a trend.Go against the grain. Once people start seeing you snapping from the skating rink, you’ll see more and more people there each time you go. You’ll also notice that you’ll have less drama. Let’s just be honest, nothing good comes from binge drinking. You spend all your money, text the wrong boys and get involved in stupid girl fights. Complete and utter waste of time and money.

4.Drive your first car until the wheels fall off

“According to, the average monthly payment on a new vehicle is $479.” Sheesh! That’s a lot of money. For a used car, it may be around $200, but nevertheless, saving up a few thousand dollars for a car would be most ideal. The car would be fully paid off so you wont have a monthly payment and you’re not obligated to pay for full coverage insurance.

The key to keeping stress down is to eliminate as many monthly obligations as possible. Behind having an apartment, this is the second most expensive bill to have so cutting this will do wonders for your bank account.

5.Have sleepovers

Throw on your cutest jammies, rent a chick flick and spend a night in with your girls. Put away your fake IDs for the night and tell the boys you’re busy! Catch up with your friends, play board games, order take out and stay up late. Don’t take these moments for granted because once everyone gets married and has kids, sleepovers will be non-existent.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mother and a wife. I’m so excited to enter into my 30’s and am fully embracing being a grown woman. However, the ages between 15 and 25 are irreplaceable years. This is your time to live it up, be carefree and make mistakes. I look back at these years and get so giddy about the experiences I’ve had during that time, even the embarrassing moments.

It all comes down to living in the now, not stressing about tomorrow and saving money whenever you can. Before you know it, you’ll be in your late 20’s wondering why life is flying by so quickly. The days are already coming and going at a rapid pace, there’s no need to hit the fast forward button.

-D.O. ❤