How I Became a Liquid Eyeliner Expert

With Sephora’s help, of course! I was a part of the large percentage of women who have yet to master the art of liquid eyeliner. I typically waste a good 15-20 minutes trying to apply it and then end up throwing in the towel and washing it off. Thanks to Sephora’s 2-hour Essential Eyeliner Class, I am a pro!

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Before I get into the details, I first want to praise Sephora’s whole approach to beauty education. The fact that the class is free of charge is exciting all on it’s own but there were many more positives. They opened the store early on a Sunday at 9:00am for people who signed up for the class. They greet you at the door, check you in and hand you over to a staff member who helps you pick out the products you need. I was assigned to Rob, who was a Godsend! He really knew his stuff.

Rob asked what products I’m using now and also used the Sephora + Pantone Color ID device to determine what color concealer is best for my skin tone. We picked out a concealer and a liquid eyeliner pen with felt tip from the Sephora products aisle and an eyebrow powder made by Anastasia. Bonus! We did a whole eye tutorial, not just the eyeliner. The desks were already set up with a mirror on each one, multiple eye shadow pallets, mascaras, makeup remover, eyelid primers and applicators.

Ashley, the main instructor used Karolina, another staff member, as her model to teach with and each person in the class had a teacher to assist them with executing the steps on their own. The one-on-one help was awesome and just what we needed!

While Ashley was explaining the techniques, I realized that I was always just winging it and not in a good way. I thought I could do a perfect line + wing in one swoop, which is pretty much impossible. There’s certain steps to take to achieve eyeliner success! I have detailed them below.

  1. Fill in your eyebrows first since you’ll need to use them as a guide for wing placement.
  2. Apply concealer under eyes.
  3. Use a primer on your eyelids to allow your eye shadow to stay on longer.
  4. Use a neutral eye shadow for a soft contour.
  5. Angle a pencil or pen from your bottom lash line to the end of your brow.
  6. Make dashes alongside that pencil or pen with an eyeliner pencil first since it’s easier to wipe off and correct mistakes.
  7. Now that you have an outline, go over your dashes with the liquid eyeliner.
  8. Apply mascara.
  9. Fly away with your perfect wings 😉

Now that you have the steps, below are some tips to solidify that success.

  1. Don’t use the tip of the liquid eyeliner pen, angle the pen and use the side.
  2. Do short strokes or dashes because one long stroke is difficult to keep straight.
  3. Don’t tug on your lid to smooth it out while applying the liquid. Tilt your head to the side and gently pull the tip of your brow to expose the pathway for the wing.
  4. Keep both eyes open.
  5. Make any corrections with a Q-tip and makeup remover.
  6. Don’t be afraid to erase and retry.
  7. Don’t give up! You got this!

I picked up the skill pretty quickly so these tips and tricks are spot on! If you guys are having trouble or would like to see this in action, I can make a tutorial video!

Thanks for reading and a huge thank you to Sephora for the amazing class. Click here to see how you can join one of their free classes! I certainly plan on attending as many as I possibly can!

-D.O. ❤