My Name is Daisha and I’m Addicted to Pop Culture…

…and I’m not looking for a cure!

There are countless things that factor into my obsession. Cracking open a new magazine and breathing in the sweet aroma of ink and perfume samples. Getting the feels every time I hear The OC theme song at the start of each episode. Watching a movie and shouting the name and filmography of every actor I recognize. Seriously, who even needs IMDB anymore? Want to know what Stassi and Scheana from Vanderpump Rules are up to? Ask me! I know because I follow them on Snapchat! I could go on and on, I live for this kind of stuff!

I’m not only entertained by it, I’m inspired by it. Celebrities influence my personal style and every day living. They are the speakers of their generations as they publicly stand up for things they believe in and bring more awareness to social issues than anyone else in the world. Fame comes with a lot of social responsibility and it’s admirable how well most of them handle it.

My addiction is what led me here. I’ve always enjoyed writing but I’m not interested in crafting a profound, fictional novel or a historical piece of American literature. I found that editorial writing is more my for forte. I just want to share the things I love with people who either have the same interests as me or want to learn more about things I’m knowledgeable in <3.


This blog is for people who love a good deal and frequently shop the clearance section. It’s for moms who need help balancing work, children and all of life’s little curve balls. It’s for the girly girls who can spend hours learning how to perfect their eyebrow routine by watching the same YouTube tutorial over and over. It’s for my fellow binge watchers, ipsy subscribers and magazine isle regulars. My goal is to have a little bit of something for everyone 🙂

I hope you’ll stay tuned <3.